Ocean Discovery Camp

The Ocean Discovery Camp offers a unique hands-on approach to marine science and ocean conservation issues. It is run by ECOGIG outreach staff and held at the University of Georgia's through their Summer Academy program

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Ocean Discovery Zone

The Ocean Discovery Zone is an exhibit booth and hands-on activity station designed to give non-scientists of all ages access to information deep sea exploration, oil and methane in marine ecosystems, and the importance of a healthy ocean. Visitors can meet and talk with ECOGIG marine scientists and outreach specialists to learn about their research expeditions and the tools they use to collect information about the deep sea ecosystems. The Ocean Discovery Zone is available at a variety of events (festivals, school visits) throughout the year.

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Science at the Stadium

Science at the Stadium is an extension of the Ocean Discovery Zone program and is one ECOGIG's signature outreach activities. Science at the Stadium was initiated in Fall 2014 at the University of Georgia and has since expanded to include other institutions, including Florida State University and Pennsylvania State University.

Football is a passion for people around the country -- especially in the southeastern United States -- and a remarkable number of people fill our stadiums every Saturday in the fall. By presenting the Ocean Discovery Zone exhibit to football fans during long days of tailgating, we're able to reach people who might not otherwise seek out the information we can provide.

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